Colin Barker

Colin Barker

Cloud Solutions Architect and AWS Subject Matter Expert (SME)

What is an AWS Gateway Load Balancer anyway? (Part 1)

Network Appliances and Firewalls in the Cloud have always been a problem for organisations, the AWS Gateway Load Balancer opens up a number of additional doors to enable successful migrations to the cloud.

Colin Barker

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Gateway Load Balancer Flow Diagram

So, you have a need to put a firewall appliance in the cloud, you have security pushing you hard to ensure that it has to be this appliance, and it only comes as an AMI to run on EC2. What if there is a very specific security need? Maybe compliance reasons, or even as simple as just ensuring that those that look after the network are able to manage this new network in the cloud. AWS has a solution for you! The AWS Gateway Load Balancer.

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